KRAKOW TOURSin PLN – zloty  *PER PERSON*2People3People4People
5 and 6People
7 to 8People9 and more                                People                               
Auschwitz Birkenau250       17014020eu=100zl18eu=90zlPlease Contact Us
Wieliczka Salt Mine22eu=125zl18eu=90zl19eu=87zl13eu=60zl10eu=50zlPlease Contact Us
Auschwitz Birkenau & Salt Mine in one day63eu=275zl41eu=180zl34eu=150zl29eu=130zl25eu=125zlPlease Contact Us
Zakopane58eu=260zl42eu=190zl38eu=16030eu=120zl25eu=110zlPlease Contact Us
Wadowice Pope John Paul the II35eu=140zl25eu=100zl23eu=90zl20eu=80zl18eu=70zlPlease Contact Us
Czestochowa Black Madonna58eu=240zl43eu=170zl35eu=140zl30eu=120zl28eu=110zlPlease Contact Us
Oskar Schindlers Factory19eu=75zl14eu=55zl11eu=45zl9eu=35zl8eu=30zlPlease Contact Us
Auschwitz Birkenau from/to Airport50eu=200zl42eu=165zl28eu=120zl25eu=100zl23eu=90zlPlease Contact Us
Rafting58eu=250zl42eu=180zl32eu=135zl29eu=120zl25eu=110zlPlease Contact Us
Shooting Range Krakow100
80+Ammo80+AmmoPlease Contact Us
Go Karts18eu=75zl16eu=60zl15eu=50zl10eu=45zl9eu=35zlPlease Contact Us
Salt Mine & Oskar Schindlers Factory in one day37eu=175zl28eu=125zl23eu=100zl19eu=75zl17eu=65zlPlease Contact Us
Auschwitz Birkenau & Schindlers Factory in one day56eu=240zl43eu=170zl35eu=140zl28eu=120zl23eu=110zlPlease Contact Us
Auschwitz Birkenau & Wadowice JPII in one day60eu=240zl45eu=180zl35eu=140zl30eu=120zl25eu=100zlPlease Contact Us
Salt Mine & Wadowice JPII in one day50eu=230zl40eu=160zl33eu=130zl30eu=120zl25eu=100zlPlease Contact Us
Zakopane & Wadowice JP II in one day80eu=350zl65eu=260zl55eu=220zl50eu=200zl38eu=150zlPlease Contact Us
Częstochowa & Auschwitz II Camps in one day95eu=400zl78eu=310zl70eu=280zl65eu=260zl58eu=230zl Please Contact Us
Salt Mine Bochnia40eu=185zl30eu-125zl23eu=100zl20eu=90zl15eu=70zl Please Contact Us
Skiing Snowboarding48eu=190zl43eu=170zl34eu=135zl30eu=120zl25eu=100zlPlease Contact Us
Thermal Park Bukownia60eu=240zl42eu=180zl35eu=14030eu=120zl25eu=100zlPlease Contact Us
Jurassic Park Zator50eu=200zl42eu=165zl35eu=140zl28eu=110zl20eu=80zl Please Contact Us
Golf35eu=140zl28eu=110zl25eu=100zl23eu=90zl20eu=80zlPlease Contact Us
Kalwaria Zebrzydowska38eu=150zl33eu=130zl25eu=100zl23eu=90zl20eu=80zl Please Contact Us
Ojcow National Park38eu=150zl33eu=130zl25eu=100zl23eu=90zl18eu=70zlPlease Contact Us
Quad Bikes or Snowmobiles Zakopane58eu=250zl+Renting42eu=180zl+Renting35eu=140+Renting30eu=120zl+Renting25eu=100zl+RentingPlease Contact Us

In order to get Precise/Actual price please send us a quote, prices at the web page are not always up to date and there are always options of visiting.

Private Door to Door Krakow Tours in Comfortable Modern Vans with Double Air Condition and Knowledgeable English Speaking Chauffeurs.

Price for Tours includes:  Professional and licensed service, Hotel Pick Up & Drop off, Transport to and from, Parking and fuel costs, additional insurance on each and every passenger, Our Help with everything, Audio Info about History of Auschwitz Birkenau on the way there, Friendly chat – Relaxed atmosphere.

*** PLEASE NOTE: Tickets are not included in the prices above***

Prices of tickets per person: Auschwitz Birkenau 110 PLN normal, 100 PLN Student , Study tour 150 pln

Prices of tickets per person: Salt Mine 130 PLN normal, 110 PLN Student

Krakow TRANSFERSPrice for a Car/VANin PLN
1 to 3 people4 people5 people6 people7 people8 and more
Krakow Airport to Krakow 120 130140 140150Please Contact Us
Katowice Airport to Krakow 500500530550570Please Contact Us
Krakow Airport to Zakopane500530540550600Please Contact Us
Katowice Airport to Zakopane147eu=620zl147eu=620zl171eu=720zl171eu=720zl178eu=750zlPlease Contact Us
Krakow to Zakopane89eu=380zl89eu=390zl107eu=450zl107eu=450zl107eu=450zlPlease Contact Us
Krakow to Wroclaw200eu=900zl250eu=1000zl250eu=1000zl250eu=1000z300eu=1200zlPlease Contact Us
Krakow to Warsaw200eu=900zl250eu=1000zl250eu=1000zl250eu=1000zl300eu=1200zlPlease Contact Us

In order to get Precise/Actual price please send us a quote, prices at the web page are not always up to date and there are always options of visiting.

Krakow Airport Transfers 24 hours a day 7 days a week and there are No Hidden Charges, even if your flight would be delayed.

Price for Transfers includes:  Professional and licensed service, Hotel or Airport Pick Up, Transport to, Parking and fuel costs, additional insurance on each and every passenger, Our Help with everything, Friendly chat – Relaxed atmosphere.

Price for Melex Electric Car – The Best Way to visit Krakow
0,5 h Old Town II 0,5 h Kazimierz – the Jewish District II 0,5 h Getto (including Shindlers Factory)
COSTS in total for Max 5 people :
0,5 h = 130 zloty  II 1 h = 250 zloty II 1,5 h = 370 zloty II 2h=490zl II 3h=760 zl
COSTS per person when 6 or more people :
0,5 h = 30 zloty II 1 h = 50 zloty II 1,5 h = 70 zloty

Price for elextric car  includes:  Professional and licensed service, Hotel Pick Up, English Speaking Driver,
Audio Guide – info in Your native language about all monuments, End of the tour in a place You wish,
Friendly chat – Relaxed atmosphere.

All prices are in Zloty (Polish Currency)

In order to get Precise/Actual price please send US a quote ( prices at the web page are only exemplary.

10 euro = 45,00 zl, 10 pounds = 50,00 zl , 10 Dollars = 40 zl

If there is any question you would like to ask please feel free to contact us by email:

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