We usually pick up directly from the Hotel at 8 30 am. The itinerary and way of sightseeing can be customized with the driver on the day. If you want on the way to Auschwitz we can play you info about the history of the camps from the CD. The complete tour lasts until around 1730, Speaking from experience most of us need some food around 14 o’clock, therefore you can have a lunch in a Polish restaurant, before You enter the salt mine.

Precisely speaking before 10 o’clock we are in the Oswiecim-Auschwitz city where the camps are. At this time you need to decide which option of visiting is better for you:

1st – Join the fully guided tour in your native language for: 40 PLN normal, 30 PLN student per person and go for a standard guided tour with a licensed guide, that is 3 h in both camps. Here you are with the Auschwitz guide and a group of people most of the time.
2nd – Visit the camps on your own with more independence and our help. There is a lot of info in English located all around the camps as well as we will explain you clearly, where you should go and what you should not miss.
3rd : If you contact us in advance we can book a private licensed guide for your group, this costs 250 ZL in total.

To see Auschwitz comfortably you need around 2 hours. We would make sure you would not miss Arbait Macht Frei gate, Gallows, Gas Chamber, and Blocks number 4, 5 and 11 – these are the most important blocks in the whole camp. Auschwitz and Birkenau are located 3 km from each other and we will drive you from one camp to another. At the end of Birkenau Camp You can find the ruins of gas chambers, the main monument, and at the front the view from the highest tower.

Around 1 o’clock, we would start driving to the Wieliczka city where the famous Salt Mine is, the drive takes around 1 hour 15 minutes and guided tours here start at 15 and 16 pm. Here you need to pay 73 zl per person for the normal ticket and 58 zl for a student ticket to go in and to have a guided tour as this is the only way to enter.

As mentioned before if you got out of the stamina, there is a lovely restaurant next to the Salt Mine in which you could have a delicious meal before entering the mine that would be Polish traditional cuisine usually. The Salt Mines will most probably cheer you up after concentration camps because this is the oldest and the most beautiful mine in the world. The Salt Mine tour takes 2 hours and most of the tour you walk down admiring the views and listening to the stories that your guide says. Drive back to your hotel if this is in the center takes around 25 min. This means that around 1730 we would be back in Krakow.

Actual – Up to date prices need to be checked by email or whats up.

Auschwitz Birkenau Salt Mine Tours EURO=PLzloty  *PER PERSON*2People3People4People
5 and 6People
7 to 8People9 and more
Auschwitz Birkenau & Salt Mine in one day56eu=240zl41eu=170zl34eu=150zl29eu=130zl25eu=1200zlPlease Contact Us
Auschwitz Birkenau40eu=185zl30eu=130zl23eu=100zl20eu=90zl18eu=80zlPlease Contact Us
Wieliczka Salt Mine25eu=100zl18eu=70zl14eu=55zl13eu=50zl10eu=40zlPlease Contact Us
Salt Mine & Oskar Schindler’s Factory in one day37eu=160zl28eu=110zl23eu=90zl19eu=75zl17eu=65zl Please Contact Us
Auschwitz Birkenau from/to Airport50eu=200zl42eu=165zl28eu=120zl25eu=100zl23eu=90zlPlease Contact Us
Auschwitz Birkenau & Wadowice JPII in one day60eu=240zl45eu=180zl35eu=140zl30eu=120zl25eu=100zlPlease Contact Us
Salt Mine & Wadowice JPII in one day50eu=200zl40eu=160zl33eu=130zl30eu=120zl25eu=100zlPlease Contact Us
Częstochowa & Auschwitz II Camps in one day95eu=380zl78eu=310zl70eu=280zl65eu=260zl58eu=230zl Please Contact Us
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