Visit Krakow

Electric Cars with built-in sound systems and audio guides can pick you up from a previously chosen place. The “Golf” car offers visiting the city in a detailed and relaxed way. It is possible to sightsee Krakow’s old town or/and Kazimierz – the Jewish district of Cracow. You will hear the information in English or any other language recorded by a tourist guide. The drivers speak English fluently and can help you with everything. This is the best and the most comfortable way to visit Krakow. What is more on your journey you can take pictures and enter our historic monuments. The tour includes everything that is important in Cracow and takes you where the most of transport cannot drive.

It is possible to visit:

In 0,5 h Old Town

In 0,5 h Kazimierz – the Jewish District

In 0,5 h Ghetto Area

             COST in total for Max 5 people :
0,5 h = 130 zloty  II 1 h = 250 zloty II 1,5 h = 370 zloty II 2h=490zl II 3h=760zl

             COSTS per person for 6 or more people :
0,5 h = 30 zloty II 1 h = 50 zloty II 1,5 h = 70 zloty



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