This is where the FUN starts!

Krakow is without a shadow of a doubt a perfect base for skiing & snowboarding exhibitions into southern Poland. Krakow’s airport (Balice) is the nearest to the mountains therefore it looks like you need to land here – but please don’t worry we can pick you up directly from the airport and take you to one of the places that are described down here or to your hotel in Krakow. The season usually starts around 15th of December and ends around 5th of April.

First slopes are within the area of 45 km from Krakow. But speaking from experience the best are around a 100 km and more away. Our team ski & snowboard in Poland and other Countries every winter. We have been doing it since 1999. We have been exploring and exploring the slopes, snow parks and areas next to them (Oh Yeah – Powder) therefore now we know where to look for what. No matter if you want to stay in Krakow or dwell next to the slope we can arrange all of that. If you travel with your own equipment we will pick you up with a car that will have enough room to handle everything. If you do not have your own gear we will tell you where it is the best to rent your ski or snowboard. Renting equipment costs around 35 zloty a day. Talking about costs of ski passes a one day ticket is around 60 zloty. In our book it is extremely worth to go to ski or snowboard in Zakopane if you are an experienced rider. This is because most of the slopes here are quite demanding. Anyway the most enjoyable lift and ski route in Poland is exactly here it is called Kasprowy Wierch. That is a brand new huge lift and a few kilometers of skiing & snowboarding paths and forests. If you are afraid of rocks or steep slopes we can take you to a few other places like: Białka Tatrzanska or Jaworzyna Krynicka. We can also organize an instructor for you. Everybody will enjoy it here. There are: chair lifts, pubs, restaurants, snow parks etc. here. Our latest personal favorite is Wierchomla, which is not a very ordinary mountain – I mean that it has an extremely nice shape for a cosy ride and delivers a lot of fun. To sum up we are skiers and Snowboarders and we know Polish hills very well. If you need a hand and an English speaking professional chauffeur please BOOK NOW. Some of us wait whole year for Winter Sports! – And that I Guess is you and me.

If there is a place you would like to go and it is not on the list please contact us!

We cover best of the best Resorts in Poland:

Bialka Tatrzanska

Zakopane : Kasprowy Wierch, Gubalowka, Polana Szymoszkowa




Jaworzyna Krynicka




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