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Krakow Off Road 4x4


We can organise Krakow off road for every number of people. Our team consists out of 20 4x4 vehicles. With us you rent a jeep with a driver and as he knows the car and it's capabilities you will experience pushing it to the limit. The minimum time to rent a 4x4 vehicle with a driver is 3h. We can pick you up from the hotel with a jeep or a group of Off road cars and start driving to the spot. We have a few tracks in the region of Krakow where you will experience Mud, Rivers, Hills, Slopes, Uphill Driving and drifting. If you have some skills it is also possible to drive the car on your own with the instructor sitting next to you. Our cars are Nissan Patrol, Jeep Cherokee and similar. We recommend to be 3 people in the car with the instructor. If You are interested please contact us much in advance and we will quote for you as the price depends highly on a number of people.


Krakow off Roading



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