Our Best Qualified LICENSED and Avid Guide Around Krakow: Old Town, Kazimierz, Schindler’s Factory, Wawel Castle and more:

Hi Joanna,
I finally found some time to write to you.
That weekend me and my wife spent in Krakow was an overwhelming experience.
The unexpected beauty of the city centre and the energy in the air – Priceless!
We appreciate that you made us fall in love with Krakow. Thank you!
As promised, we are going to “spread a good word about Krakow”.
Best regards,
Brian C. Melbourne

Please Contact us if You wish to see Krakow on foot and write clearly how you imagine the tour to be like in plain English

Please remember this is a walking tour around Krakow. If You wish we can join the tour with driving an Electric Car.

If You contact us we will send you the precise price back, as it depends on the time, number of people in your group and more…

Guided Krakow Tours:

1. Old Town Walk 3 to 4 hours
– Wawel Castle (courtyard and cathedral),
– Kanonicza Street,
– Grodzka Street,
– Bishops’ Palace,
– University Quarter,
– Main Market Square (Cloth Hall, Town House Tower)
– Barbican and city walls.
Optionally: castle’s exhibitions, Main Market Square underground exhibition

2. Former Jewish Quarter in Kazimierz 2 to 3 hours
– Szeroka Street,
– Old Synagogue,
– Remuh Synagogue and Cemetery,
– Izaak Synagogue,
– Temple Synagogue,
– New Square,
– Oscar Schindler’s Yard.

3. Podgorze District – Former Jewish Ghetto 2 to 3 hours
– Ghetto Heroes Square
– Under the Eagle Pharmacy
– Oscar Schindler’s Factory
– Ghetto Wall
Optionally: Oscar Schindler’s Factory exhibition

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