Jurassic Park

From seventies of 20th century dinosaur tracks have been found in the Jurassic rocks in the Holy Cross Mountains.The geologists interpreted the territory of the present-day Zator as shallow water sea, rich in corals, echinoids and ammonites brachiopods, gastropods. Therefore in the near distance was a land where dinosaurs dominated. Rocks contain fossil remnants of animals of the Jurassic age. What is more numerous well preserved pieces of plants were also found here, which is a unique example within the Upper Jurassic rocks of Europe. After some search in this area scientists agreed that here lived dinosaurs like : Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, Camptosaurus. Initially, giant, natural scaled models of the dinosaurs were created. Finally, the local enthusiasts started to plan the park, they put the animals in the exact place where their tracks have been found , first Park in Poland of such a type, with the main attraction the dinosaur models, both of these found in the Holy Cross region, and also their cousins from all over the world.

The driving time in one way is about 45 min. It is a trip that your Child would Love. It is possible to spend a long time here and not get bored. This is what you can do in the area of Zator: Tour around the Zator Jurassic Park, Stay in horse riding farm, Archaeology and Nature Reserve.




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