Krakow Auschwitz Birkenau tours – The tour usually lasts 6 hours and starts at 830 am. As this is a private tour you can decide what time you want to be picked up from the Hotel. We can pick you up from 7 am to 15 o clock. It takes 1 hour to drive from Krakow to Oswiecim city where the concentration camps are. During this one hour, you can listen to info about the History of Auschwitz from CD if you wish.

You can decide to visit the camps with a private professional guide working for the Auschwitz Museum, or on your own and with our help and with all the educating info placed everywhere around in both Camps. If you want to go for a standard tour and spend 2 h in Auschwitz and 1 h in Birkenau with a guide and the rest of the group met in Auschwitz, you will need to buy the ticket : 50 PLN normal, 40 PLN student.

If you want to be more independent you can visit the place for free on your own – here we can help a bit more. The English information system is located all over the camps as well as we can tell you many usefull tips that will make sightessing easier, what is more we can make sure you would see it in the most comfortable way! For instance starting with Birkenau, we could show You where the main Monument and Ruins of Gas Chambers are as well as where You need to go to have a look from the highest tower on to the whole camp. Auschwitz – the work camp is located 3 km from the Birkenau – death camp. In Auschwitz you could start with the Gas Chamber which is still standing here and into which you can go in and then see the Gallows on which Rudolf Hoss was hanged. Next to the Gallows, there is the House of the Commandant of Auschwitz. Having seen that you could proceed to go inside the camp to see the most important blocks: 4, 5, 11, 6 and 7. Nobody would be rushing you and we would show you exactly on the map what is the best route around the camp. You would visit Auschwitz with your own pace and you would decide which objects, blocks or monuments you would like to see!

FACTS : This place which is on the list of Unesco is a symbol of terror, massacre, and the Holocaust. During the Second World War Nazis created the camp on the suburbs of the city Oswiecim – Aushwitz in German. On the June 14, 1940 the camp launched to function, the reason for that was the first arrival of Polish political prisoners. With the time, it expanded and 1,5 million people were incarcerated here. The fact is that after some time it became the greatest weapon of mass destruction in the history of Humanity. The territories of the Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau camps are open to visitors. There is access to all barracks in Birkenau. It is not necessary to take a Guide here, there is many informatin on the tourist routes in the camps. As a minimum, one-and-a-half hours each should be reserved for the grounds and exhibitions of Auschwitz I and for the Birkenau site. The camps are very different so it is worth to see them both.

Auschwitz I – is the place where the 1st camp for man and women was created. Nazis experimented here with Zyklon B to put people to death. They also murdered the first transport of Jews here and executed many prisoners. The camp commandant’s office and most of the SS offices were located in the first camp and from here. The camp administration directed the further expansion of the camp complex.

In the Birkenau camp everything happened on a humongous scale. This is where the Nazis erected the machinery of mass extermination where they murdered approximately one million European Jews. What is more Birkenau was the largest concentration camp, which had nearly 300 primitive wooden barracks. More than hundred thousand Jews, Poles, Roma prisoners at a time were here. Miles of the barbed wire fences still surround this place, which is full of human ashes.

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